City of Niš is a very unusual city in the southern Serbia. It is located in the Niš basin and it has always been considered as the gate of East and West. It is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans with a good geographical position.

Southern temperament, hospitality and warmth is what represents its citizens. Niš and its environment have incredible landscapes that you must explore.

Richness of this city isn't only in its natural but anthropogenic values. Impressive buildings even nowadays witness turbulent history of the city.

It is known as the city of Meraklijas. For the Niš citizens tavern (kafana) has always been a second home, and tourists are always welcome there. So, if you decide to visit Niš, in order to feel the spirit of its tradition, beside restaurants you should visit these places:

  • Archaeological park Medijana that represents cultural good with a historical value. It dates back to 4th century AD
  • Monument of Čegar, spot where the battle of Čegar took place and in which a great number of Serbian soldiers, as well as Turks, lost their lives
  • Ćele tower - tower made of human skulls. It is a unique monument in this area and it was built after the battle of Čegar
  • Niš fortress - located on the bank of the river Nišava, in the city center and it is the most preserved Turkish military building.


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